“When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.”
Raymond Chandler


yeah that’s right Raymond! So just cos I’m a musician and what not doesn’t mean I can’t go ahead and write a book or three.

Check out my DEWEY DECIMAL trilogy, the titles of which have included:

DeweyDecimalSystemTHE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM    (click for synopsis)

“A nameless investigator dogs New York streets made even meaner by a series of near-future calamities. [Larson’s] dystopia is bound to win fans . . .”
Kirkus Reviews

The Dewey Decimal System is a winningly tight, concise and high-impact book, a violent, exhilarating odyssey that pitches its protagonist through a gratuitously detailed future New York.”
New York Press

“Like Motherless Brooklyn dosed with Charlie Huston, Nathan Larson’s delirious and haunting The Dewey Decimal System tips its hat, smartly, to everything from Philip K. Dick’s dystopias to Chester Himes’s grand guignol Harlem novels, while also managing to be utterly fresh, inventive, and affecting all on its own.”
—Megan Abbott, Edgar-winning author of The End of Everything

e5f339691e596bd08d4a9bcf7ea91a1dTHE NERVOUS SYSTEM

“Whiplash prose, teeth-gnashing dialogue and post-civilization concepts that make a crazy (amateur) librarian in a pitch-black world a hell of a lot of fun . . . A good time for fans of the likes of Charlie Huston and Charles Stross.”
Kirkus Reviews

“The most incredible thing about Nathan Larson’s The Nervous System is just how credible it is—a ravaged New York City, a postmodern warrior with a code, villains at once smaller and larger than life, the futile human obsession to create order out of chaos. And the prose is perfect, as tweaked and jumpy and memorable as the man known as Dewey Decimal. I’m a Library of Congress girl myself, but Larson’s uncannily original fiction deserves its own number within any system of library classification.”
Laura Lippman, author of What the Dead Know

“Sheer magic and delirious joy, this intellectual giddy riot is the book of the year. The Nervous System is a rock ‘n’ roll paranoid masterclass in invention, with writing so crafted, gifted, I long to quote every line. The mystery is taken to a whole new level of technospeak artistry, and wonderfully witty, like John Kennedy Toole if he’d written a mystery novel and did meth—a lot of it. The warmth of the character seeps through in Dewey Decimal’s love for a devastated New York and still the city sings. The New York Public Library should put up a plaque to the most original PI since Marlowe. OCD never seemed so compelling. Loved it—and then some. What a writer.”
Ken Bruen, author of The Guards

“Larson’s vividly imagined world and his quirky narrator are likely to win him a cadre of loyal fans.”
Publishers Weekly

“This is a taut, action movie-violent mystery that will appeal to fans of Larson’s earlier novel as well as those who like dystopian literature generally.”
Library Journal

“Nathan Larson’s The Nervous System mashes up genres: postapocalypse sci-fi and crime noir.”
Wall Street Journal

“This doubleheader, the ‘soft apocalypse’ noir thrillers The Dewey Decimal System and The Nervous System by former Shudder To Think guitarist Nathan Larson, turns out to contain one of most inventive post-apocalyptic milieus I’ve ever come across . . . Like The Yiddish Policeman’s Union (Michael Chabon) they use simple crime-novel plots as a sly way to explore this expansive alt-history universe, even while layering in an ultra-slow reveal concerning Dewey’s actual past . . . Two of the most legitimately exciting novels I’ve read in a long time, these had the rare ability to completely suck me out of my daily reality . . . taut genre actioners that belie the usual tropes of their genres, and which will undoubtedly be making our Best Of The Year lists come December.”
—Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

Third in this series is THE IMMUNE SYSTEM


it also is really good so buy it.













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