Hi folks, my name is Nathan Larson. I make music for films, music for it’s own sake, and I write books, TV shows and movies. I’m just happy as hell that you swung by and I will do my best to give you the straight deal, in the first person. More about me:

My clients have included HBO, Showtime, Netflix, all the major film studios, plenty of tiny ass film studios, and a lot of stuff in between. if you’re visiting me u know what’s up i don’t have to stunt it is what it is!

For context – in the ’90s I played lead guitar in the band Shudder To Think. Prior to that I was a snot nosed kid making myself felt in the DC/ NY hardcore scene. I started young and got out pretty young too though I still keep a couple tendrils in rock + roll, producing and/ or playing on the occasional jammie. I have been very fortunate in my various endeavors, for which I’m very thankful. I am fully aware of the transient nature of all this.

I am a workaholic and despite decades of therapy doubt the value of it, though I reckon I got most of my phobias in check and am therefore “highly functioning.” I live in New York City, in the historic neighborhood of Harlem, and spend a fair amount of time in wonderful Malmö, Sweden.

My wife is a wonderfully talented pop star Swedish gal named Nina Persson. Our son Nils continues to confound and astound us.

Additionally I have devoted myself to bringing the 12 hour-24 hour drone event format to the world, with trailblazers/ partners in grime Basilica Hudson and Le Guess Who. . Our mission is holy. We seek no less than complete world peace, and transformation of the spirit with our events.

Please explore these pages, I do hope you get the information you came for. If not please mail me at info@nathanlarson.net.

I wish you all the very best, and many thanks x N